• Turbidity Curtain

    Turbidity Curtains are installed to protect the surrounding wildlife and environment from harm due work being done inside the barrier.  Turbidity … [Continue Reading]

    Turbidity Curtain
  • Dam Maintenance

    Dam Maintenance is a very wide field due largely to the fact that  dam can vary greatly in size and structure.  From earthen to … [Continue Reading]

    Dam Maintenance
  • Scour Repair

    Scour repair can be needed anywhere that you have periods of high current in areas that can wash away the natural bottom material and expose footings … [Continue Reading]

    Scour Repair
  • Potable Water Facilities

    Potable Water facilities are recommended to have routine cleaning, inspections and maintenance of the interior of the reservoirs … [Continue Reading]

    Potable Water Facilities
  • Vessels – Ships – Barges

    Vessels, Ships and barges have  a wide variety of maintenance needs, all of which can vary greatly in scope of work.  For example many barges need to … [Continue Reading]

    Vessels – Ships – Barges
  • Industrial Maintenance

    Industrial Maintenance encompasses factories, power plants, refineries and municipalities, all of which have a great variety of structures that need … [Continue Reading]

    Industrial Maintenance
  • Coffer Dams

    Coffer Dams are temporary dams that are installed primarily to allow the dewatering of a shallow water portion of a project to allow the work to be … [Continue Reading]

    Coffer Dams
  • Trash Racks

    Trash racks are encountered whenever there is a need to keep material out of an area.  Normally they are in place around the intake pipeline which … [Continue Reading]

    Trash Racks
  • Underwater Burning and Welding

    Underwater Burning and Welding are two practices that utilize much of the same gear but are very different practices.  Both underwater welding and … [Continue Reading]

    Underwater Burning and Welding
  • Outfalls

    Outfalls need to have periodic inspections performed to ensure that they are in good working condition, including all diffuser ports and the interior … [Continue Reading]

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