Executive Summary

Tidal Marine Construction, Inc. is a professional commercial dive company founded in 2006 by President and CEO Steve Ackart.  Tidal Marine Construction Inc. is committed to  supplying the marine construction industry with a wide range of underwater services. Tidal Marine Construction, Inc. prides itself on its commitment to excellence providing the highest levels of client satisfaction by employing only select personnel with proficient capabilities and experience to perform in the marine industry.

Tidal Marine Construction, Inc. holds an unblemished safety record, proving that all accidents are preventable. Safety is paramount at Tidal Marine Construction Inc. and operates in strict accordance with:

 U.S. Coast Guard

Association of Diving Contractor’s Consensus Standards

ADCI Member Number 3647



Tidal Marine Construction, Inc. relies on the experience of Steve Ackart with over 30 years in the marine and diving industry, as well as the combined experience of it’s project managers and supervisors, with over 40 years of service to the marine industry, to carry out our diving operations with professionalism and merit. While headquartered in California, Tidal Marine Construction Inc. works throughout the continental United States.



Wet Welding / Cutting

Emergency Response

Concrete Placement / Repair


Pile Repair

CCTV Video Inspections

Pipeline Penetration and Repair


Hydro Electric Facilities



Raw Water Intakes and Outfalls

Power Generating Facilities


Oil and Gas Platforms


CA Contractor’s Class “A” License # 893867

Signatory to Local 34 Pile Drivers Union

EIN #383745578

SAM Registered (Formerly: ORCA / CCR)

SBE Federal SBA DUNNS # 790299429

SBE State DGS # 49407

DIR Registration # 1000014131