Tidal Marine Construction Inc. offers a complete commercial diving operation with a wide variety of services for a diverse range of clients. Each commercial diving operation is unique in some way and we are in no way limited to the examples that you see listed below, they are merely for reference. TMCI looks forward to completing your individual project in a safe timely and cost effective manner. Feel free to contact us at for any questions about our services and how we could provide assistance on your project.

Below is a list of some of the services that TMCI provides to its clients. Services include repair, maintenance, inspection, cleaning, etc. Real time video is provided for all inspections or upon client request for any project.

TMCI is a member of the ADCI and all diving operations are carried out according to ADCI, OSHA and TMCI Safe Practices Manual/Standards.


Outfalls need to have periodic inspections performed to ensure that they are in good working condition, including all diffuser ports and the interior of the out fall.  Poor flow though diffuser ports could indicate that there is accumulated material inside of the outfall pipeline that may need to be removed. Neglect of outfalls can lead to costly repairs in the long run, for example, separated joints, end cap failure, material build up and buried diffuser ports. Read more
IMG_1448Underwater Burning and Welding
Underwater Burning and Welding are two practices that utilize much of the same gear but are very different practices.  Both underwater welding and burning utilize a DC current welding machine and welding leads to carry the current to the work site.  Welding projects can vary greatly in scope, from simply attaching anodes to barges or pilings to structural welding of steel members in powerhouses and on bridges and platforms.  Read more
Trash RacksTrash Racks
Trash racks are encountered whenever there is a need to keep material out of an area.  Normally they are in place around the intake pipeline which have slide gates to control the flow to the pipe.  Trash racks can become clogged with debris and damaged if larger debris is encountered.  Trash racks vary greatly between structures and applications, from stainless steel grating in the ocean to RFP structures on smaller lakes. Read More

Heavy Lifting
Vessels – Ships – Barges
Potable Water Facilities
Scour Repair
Dam Maintenance

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