Potable Water Facilities

IMG_2149Potable Water facilities are recommended to have routine cleaning, inspections and maintenance of the interior of the reservoirs periodically.     This is accomplished without draining the reservoir utilizing diving operations that strictly adhere to AWWA C652-02, and ADCI regulations for drinking water standards.  Reservoirs can vary greatly in size, dimension and layout, from 2,000 gallon to 60 million gallon reservoirs.  The diver is totally encapsulated in the suit so that no skin contact is made with the water, has two way constant communication with the dive supervisor on the radio and constant feed color video and light.   All gear and equipment including the diver are sprayed with a <200ppm NSF approved chlorine solution prior to entering the reservoir.  Cleaning is accomplished by using a variety of pumps and filtration devices along with dechlorinating methods depending on the SWWP regulations for the area, the size of the reservoir and amount of estimated material to be removed.  All cleaning operations are captured on video recording to assure the client that the entire reservoir has been cleaned.  Upon completion of the cleaning of the reservoir, the diver will complete a comprehensive inspection of the interior of the reservoir including all structures.  Any anomalies are recorded and repair recommendations are made.  If repairs are minor the client may elect to have the repair done at that time, or for more significant repairs the dive team may need to regroup, retool and come back at a later date to complete the repairs.