Underwater Burning and Welding

IMG_1448Underwater Burning and Welding are two practices that utilize much of the same gear but are very different practices.  Both underwater welding and burning utilize a DC current welding machine and welding leads to carry the current to the work site.  Welding projects can vary greatly in scope, from simply attaching anodes to barges or pilings to structural welding of steel members in powerhouses and on bridges and platforms.  Any welding project that is structural will have to have the welder who will be performing the weld “test out” to approve the welding procedure for that specific weld, including the exact welding rod that will be utilized, the same water depth, temperature and fresh or salt water.  Underwater burning can be accomplished with a variety of different “rods”.  One of the most common is the ultrathermic cutting rod which uses the current of the welding machine in conjunction with high pressure oxygen to light the rod, then the welding current can be shut off and the rod will self consume.